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InMateria coverings are distinguished by their high degree of craftsmanship and the ultra-natural character of the live materials used to make them, reinterpreted as precious ingredients adding a unique touch to furnishing surfaces. Our approach seeks to bring out the intrinsic properties of materials, preserving their natural properties while enhancing their performance with the special productsdeveloped by our laboratory in its years-long quest for perfection.

inMateria products are the result of in-depth research and sophistication and have clearly distinguishable aesthetic features while also delivering excellent performance, which makes them ideal for manufacturing and covering flat surfaces for refined furniture and furnishing items.

Our processes are entirely handmade and applied by hand with a spatula, from the application of the resinous base to the refinement of the mixture with the addition of metal, cement, clay and ceramic powders. The protective coating is mostly opaque while the spatula effect remains deliberately visible to keep the material nature of the coating unaltered.

The result emerging from the craftsman’s hands is a visually appealing surface which is just as pleasant to the touch, with a uniqueness that is much sought-after by contemporary design trends.

Meanwhile, with their versatility and high performance, as well as their high resistance to scratches and impacts and their waterproofing properties, inMateria coverings can be applied in many different settings: bathrooms, kitchens, domestic environments, showrooms or even on ships and caravans.


An extremely resistant velvety covering, inArgilla is a combination of clay, extracted from the soil, and resin elements.


inMateria introduces inTerrazzo, a covering inspired by the famous Venetian floor reinterpreted as a contemporary design element.


Visually rich, chromatically imperfect, smooth to the touch: inCemento is an ideal covering to accomplish bold aesthetic effects.


Resin and metal powders merge in a refined mix to create elegant and charming furnishing surfaces. All this is inMetallo.


A countless number of tiny sheets applied manually for a unique tactile effect: coarse, grainy, faceted. That’s not all: inCeramica is also the epitome of excellence, resistance and excellent performance.


In the dedicated area, sector professionals can find all the inMateria coverings, finishes and textures in the form of ready-to-use files, as well as videos, documents and technical sheets on how to care for and maintain the surfaces.

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