We have devised an innovative system that makes coating any indoor surface (walls, floors and steps) in microcement quick and easy, be it a house, a dealership, a hotel or any public space where a smooth, non-slip surface that’s easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear and stains is needed.

Let us introduce you to Surface: with a 3 day, 4 step laying cycle it allows continuous –that is, without breaks-, hygienic and tough surfaces to be obtained. It is applied with a spatula, becoming truly unique thanks to customisable effects and colours.

Its reduced thickness and high adhesion make it perfect for use on new supports, but most of all on pre-existing ones (like tile, pottery or resin). As such it is the ideal coating for renovations without demolishment or disposal, with considerable savings both in time and in money.

As it is water-repellent, it can also be used to coat bathtubs and showers. We also offer coordinated pre-fixed, Surface coated tops for kitchens and bathrooms to those in search of a specific chromatic and material harmony in their environment.

Incemento Surface can only be found at authorized Inmateria dealers.